Western Plains Employees Give Generously

December 23, 2014

DODGE CITY, KANSAS – Again for 2014, Western Plains Medical Complex employees were more generous than ever when it came to the holidays and giving back to the community. Employees adopted 72 Salvation Army Angel Tree children, filled stockings for 12 children at the Crisis Center, and filled and delivered 450 treat bags to residents of local nursing homes.

In addition, employees raised more than $500 through in-house fund raisers, donating those funds to purchase hats, gloves, mittens and scarves to be distributed to the Manna House, Crisis Center and the community members who eat at the Friendship Feast provided by the Presbyterian Church in Dodge City.

Kelly Tasset, an employee involved in the effort, thanked her co-workers.  “I am humbled by the generosity I have witnessed during the last few weeks of collecting items for the Salvation Army Angels and the stockings for the Crisis Center children,” Tasset said.  “In addition to stockings over flowing with gifts, one of our employees actually handmade each unique stocking, cutting out patterns and sewing each one.”

According to Tasset, just a week earlier, 32 of the Christmas Angels were still not yet adopted. “After we put the word out, they were all adopted, with some employees taking an additional Angel after already turning in one or two,” she said. “When we loaded the Salvation Army truck last Friday and again when we delivered the second round to them this morning, the surprise and gratitude on the Salvation Army helpers’ faces when they saw all of the toys and clothes was truly heartwarming.  We’ve got great folks here at WPMC.”

Michael Gordian, Western Plains Medical Complex Chief Financial Officer, said the generous nature of these employees is indicative of what he sees every day at Western Plains.

“We have a fantastic group of employees, always ready to help each other, and as well as members of the community who need the help,” he said. “We support these types of programs throughout the year, raising money with “jeans days” or through special events at the hospital. You will not find a more generous, caring group of people anywhere.”